With a reputation for our ability to achieve the best in the market, Fabricat has grown into one of the leading steel work fabricators in Ireland and the UK. Take a look at our Capabilities below to see how we accomplish our reputation


Our 40,000 square foot facility in Pomeroy includes a fully equipped in-house Drawing Office with exceptionally skilled and fully trained Structural Detailers that use state-of-the-art computerised steel detailing equipment; Tekla Structures. Our Drawing Office plays an important role in the tender stage as it quickly produces the information needed to get an accurate and competitive cost. Producing a model at this early stage also means it gives the client, as well as ourselves, a visual impression of how the finished structure will look.

With the help of Tekla Structures we are able to produce drawings for approval stages and workshop fabrication swiftly and effectively which makes the job easier for our Steel Detailer and the Workshop Foreman. The Drawing Office produces everything from Plate CNC Files and Cutting Lists to Kingspan Purlin Orders and Erection Drawings for the men on site – All of this ultimately makes the job simpler and more efficient. If you would like to see what our finished 3D Models look like, go to our 'Projects' page.


All our plates are cut in-house with the Hypertherm HPR260XD Plasma. The CNC Files are provided by the Drawings Office with the part numbers - our loyal and hardworking Plasma Operator ensures that the numbers are correctly transferred onto the plates after they have been cut as well as operating the machine correctly and effectively and keeping the Plasma well maintained. Plate Stock is also closely monitored as without the plates the steel can't be fully fabricated.


Fabricat Ireland greatly benefit from the location of our workshop and facilities, based at the edge of Pomeroy this allows us to have a spacious yard as well as having a storehouse just 7 minutes away. This extra storehouse means that it is easier for our local steel suppliers to deliver bigger stock orders without taking up required and necessary space in our Pomeroy yard where all the fabrication takes place. Through our vast experience in the industry, we have developed a highly skilled workforce trained to exceptionally high standards. The workforce includes fully qualified steel fabricators, fitters, welders, painters, plasma operators and saw operators.

Steel assemblies are made into 'phases' that are provided from the Steel Detailer which allows the workshop to control and monitor their work for a job a whole lot easier. These phases go up to a weight of 25 Tonne and placed strategically onto the lorry to benefit the site men when erecting the steel on site. Co-ordination and accuracy in the workshop are key to ensure a smooth and successful site erection, the hard work and communication between the Workshop and Drawing Office shows when you see the admirable finished structure.


 Site performance is one of the most important stages of this process. This rewarding development is where you can physically see our hard work and dedication go up to make a remarkable structure. Our committed Contract Manger corresponds and interacts between the clients Site Foreman and our Steel Detailer to ensure that if any problem arises at site it can be fixed quickly and efficiently. Before arriving on site all our steel is analysed by our devoted Workshop Foreman in a checklist order to ensure that the steel is safe and fit for purpose. With his 15 years experience and close eye for perfection he will not let any assembled piece leave our yard unless he is confident and satisfied that it is adequate for site.

All the site erectors are fully committed to their site safety therefore they are all thoroughly instructed of the Method Statement before they start anything. In accordance with the current laws and legislation, our site erectors and operatives have all carried out the imperative and fundamental training for working on-site with the required documentation (CSR and IPAF Cards etc).


Within the past couple of years there has been an extensive investment towards new cutting edge technology such as the 'Ficep Endeveour CNC Saw / Drill Line Machine.'

As mentioned above, all our plates are cut in-house on a 'Hypertherm HPR260XD Plasma Cutting Machine.'

We have the proficiency to do our Shot Blasting in-house using the 'Gietart Shot Blaster'.

Our most recent investment is the 'Ficep Tipo D8 CNC Flat / Angle Line Machine'

We also have other machinery in the workshop that provide high accuracy and increase production time such as the 'Durma Press Brake' and the 'Durma Guillotine'.


Metal Decking                                              

 Steel decking products are the preferred method of floor construction for multi-storey structural steel framed buildings and floor deck offers structural engineers and contractors a versatile and cost-effective composite steel flooring solution. Fabricat operates a fleet of modern mobile stud welding rigs for the on-site installation of high strength welded shear connectors. Studs can be used for a number of applications and are recognised as the most efficient method of achieving the necessary interaction between steel beams and concrete floor slabs in composite floor construction. Both Thru-Deck and Straight-To-Steel stud welding services are available from Fabricat. Steel decking minimises on-site construction duration. The company utilises state-of-the-art BIM design (Building Information Modelling) software


We offer a wide range of external cladding solutions, which deliver high performance and practical solutions for all applications across the construction, agricultural, MoD and civil engineering sectors. With our in-house technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities, we can meet every requirement, from simple corrugated steel sheeting to bespoke custom solutions for architectural applications, as well as all related accessories such as flashings, ridges and trim. We provide a wide range of services, including Supply and Fit of:
Composite Cladding Systems
Secret Fix Cladding Systems 
Structural Decking
Architectural Facades and Rainscreen

Sub-Contract Work                                         

We offer a service of sub-contracting for plate cutting and steel fabricating. We make sure that the sub-contracting work gets as much attention to detail as if it was our own. We take pride in our work and apply this to any work that we take on. If you would like some sub-contracting work done call the office on (028) 87758948

Crane Hire   

We also offer the service of Crane Hire. The crane's we have available for this use are:
- 25 Tonne Mobile Kato Crane
- 55 Tonne Mobile Demag Crane
If you would like to hear more about our Cranes or thinking of hiring them out please email [email protected] or call the office on (028) 87758948